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Is your math experience only in tutoring-do you have any other concentration with the subject?

The complete, unedited, and unabridged response to a job query I recently made. No “Hello.” No “Thanks for your response.” No “Sincerely” or “Best” or sign-off of any other kind. Also — with the exception of the question mark — no correct punctuation. 

Reproduced here not to pick on poor mechanics, as fun as that always is (“Other concentration with the subject”? No, sorry, all my experience is entirely from concentrate…), but rather to illustrate the totally effed power dynamics in the job-seeker/potential-employer interrelationship. My cover letter was well thought-out and carefully worded; my resume was tailored to the position’s demands. Miss HR’s response? Perfunctory at best, derisive at worst. 

I’m about to respond. I’m considering, “No-sorry. P.S.-I have no idea what your talking about.”

Roommate is watching Top Shot. Roommate also watches South Park, Family Guy, and Star Wars marathons on Spike.

N.B. Roommate is a chick.

Well, first of all, bugs don’t wear high heels…

Randomly stumbled on this page during a perfectly innocuous (and not-all-that-random) Google search.

Conversation With Roommate Upon Returning From Week-Long Ski Trip to Colorado

  • Me: Hey!
  • My Absolute Zero of a Roommate: Hi.
  • Me: How's it going?
  • MAZR: Fine.
  • Me: What's going on?
  • MAZR: Not much.
  • Me: How was your week?
  • MAZR: OK.

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