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I’m pleased to announce that this photo from my spring break trip to South Africa won honorable mention in my program’s annual photo contest, apparently for its “interesting composition.” I’m using the prize money — all $50 of it — to start a scholarship for business school students who have no earthly business being in business school.

I had to title the photo and give a brief description for the contest. Here they are:

"Fleet on Foot"

Before spending one afternoon with Waves for Change, a nonprofit organization that empowers children from the impoverished townships through afterschool surfing programs, our group got the opportunity to [ahem] get our own feet wet, receiving a free surfing lesson from some Waves for Change instructors. Here is the first [ahem] wave of brave souls, heading out to sea like an armada launching from port.

Despite the presence of a few high-end hotels and generally expensive adventure activities, the town of Victoria Falls, on the Zimbabwe side of the Falls, has a very backpacker-y feel — the first backpacker town I’ve ever been to in Africa.

Tour of the Cape of Good Hope, Western Cape. March 2014.

The bungee jump off Victoria Falls Bridge, one of the most famous bungee sites in the world (Warning: Don’t watch if you’re scared of heights)

More Victoria Falls area wildlife. March 2014.

Wildlife around Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. March 2014

(Not so wild) wildlife. South Africa. March 2014.

Some signs from my trip in southern Africa that amused me for one reason or another

Victoria Falls, a.k.a. “The Smoke that Thunders.” March 2014.

Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe side). March 2014

Cape Town, South Africa; March 2014

Snaps from a Road Trip. July 2013.

Snaps from a Road Trip. Marfa, Texas. July 2013.