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It appears the Food Shark has seen better days. Indications from foodies, however, to the contrary.

Snaps from a Road Trip. Marfa, TX. July 2013.

Snaps from a Road Trip. Pinocchio in the Desert, Palm Springs, Calif. July 2013.

A nod to Pink Floyd/TWoO? Unlikely. But a guy can dream. (Somewhere, over the Dark Side of the Rainbow, a candy company creative executive develops a product specifically designed for college clichés…)

The grocery at the gas station down the street has the best selection of beer I’ve ever seen. (Seriously.)

Here are two of the countless microbrews. I bought the bock.

(Christopher Hitchens) and I once had a weekday lunch that began at 1 p.m. and ended at 11:30 p.m. I spent the next three weeks begging to be euthanized; he went home and wrote a dissertation on Orwell.
Christopher Buckley, in “Booze as Muse”

(Source: The New York Times)

Mom Wolman cooked the chubbiest asparagus I’ve ever seen last night. Now, if Americans could just grow ‘em as long as the Chinese do, we’d really have something.

Mmm… rape fruit.

(Courtesy of yesterday’s Mankato Free Press)


Shark finning is gnarly.


Help stop the shark fin trade.

Reducing demand for shark fin soup is the most important thing we can do to protect sharks from being driven to extinction. This demand has created the unsustainable, virtually unrestrained killing of sharks. Tens of millions of sharks a year are killed for the shark fin trade.

A survey conducted by our PR agency Grayling in Singapore confirmed findings of a 2011 Bloom study in Hong Kong indicating a significant number of people in Chinese communities are aware of the problems associated with shark fin soup. They want to stop or curtail their consumption. But our study also found that despite their willingness to stop eating shark’s fin soup, they continue to eat and even serve it because of the strong social pressure to do so. More cultural reinforcement is necessary to show that now is the time to act on your convictions and reject shark fin soup.

Sign the petition, spread the word. Shark finning needs to END.


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It is all too rare these days the fortune-cookie fortune that actually tells a fortune. Rarer, still, one so prescient.

Parts of a complete breakfast.

You’re on the wrong coast, buddy.
Some dude on the street, just now, to me, re. my Pizza My Heart t-shirt

Kids Write the Darnedest Reviews

Here’s a review of Oko, a local coffee and yogurt place, by local child and future Yelper Sadie Killebrew (age unknown):

Review on: Oko.

Are you hungry! I think oko is where you should go! Its the BEST! 1 reason is because, it has a lot of choises for you! You can get all sorts of things. Its also good. the last reason is that the people that work there are very nise. I give them ***** stars. 

From, Sadie Killebrew