To Who It May Concern:

In 2004, I got my first “cell phone.” Late in 2007, I joined The Facebook. Now it is 2011; I have decided to leap onto the bandwagon early this time, ahead of the curve. That’s right — I’ve become a member of the community, which recently made a big splash in the news when it played a major role in the Anthony Weiner scandal.

I wish I could express my excitement in fewer than 140 characters, but I am not that pithy, concise, or succinct — to say nothing of my inability to be laconic, get down to brass tacks, or spin a memorable epigram — so I had to express my elation here instead. Unfortunately, elation soon devolved into indignation when I logged onto the homepage and saw this blatant grammatical error on the┬ábanner:

Who — yes, it’s “who” in this case — is the in-house copy editor over there at

Anyway, you can follow me @WolmanTweets. If you do, I will follow you in return, and who knows where things will escalate from there.