Online-Dating Inbox Ego Boost of the Day

If online dating is good for nothing else — and usually it isn’t — it is, at the very least, a reliably consistent boost to the ol’ self esteem. Exhibit A, below: I’ve never seen someone literally become frustrated over someone else’s astounding cuteness, much less my own. What can I say other than “Aww, shucks. Stop!”? (And by “stop,” I mean, “Please, continue…”)

you are so cute!!! arghh. 

i found an old message i sent you. i envy your wordplay skills. (i’m a graduate student, which means my neurosis is all about how much smarter/dumber or a better/worse writer someone is compared to me. actually that’s just the primary neurosis. other issues include being paranoid about writing really long sentences.) 

anyway, your witty words have caused me too much pain. i demand that as compensation you either send me the FULL picture of you in the mankini (front AND back), or say something about how killing OBL was a great moment for Am’rrka so I can stop having a crush on a goddamn okcupid profile. 

Jesus Christ. 


  1. mindfuldoc said: why is you not writing her back?
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