The roaches New Yorkers encounter are often German cockroaches—Blattella germanica—rather than American ones. The German cockroach is thought to have originated in Southeast Asia. In Germany, it is known as the Russian cockroach. The American cockroach, meanwhile, is native to Africa, and is sometimes referred to as the Bombay canary. This cosmopolitanism is presumably one reason that the cockroach lineage has endured, and that it is likely to keep on doing so long after the museum, New York, and all its Raid-toting inhabitants are gone.
Elizabeth Kolbert, in “Shouts & Murmurs.” The reference to the Carboniferous era reminded me of my own reference to it (also re. the noble cockroach) in the first piece I ever got published.


The church down the block from my building was recently converted into a roller disco called the Church of 8 Wheels. ("Come join D. Miles, Jr., San Francisco’s "GodFather of Skate," and the Holy Rollers of the Church of 8 Wheels, as we get our skate groove on!") (“CLOSED TUES. AUG 26 UNTIL TUES. SEPT. 2 FOR BURNING MAN,” natch.)

wolmanr’s tumblr turned 4 today!

They grow up too fast, don’t they?…

In one of the most shocking blockbusters in MLB trade deadline history, the Oakland A’s sent All-Star Yoenis Cespedes and a competitive balance pick to the Boston Red Sox for Cy Young contender Jon Lester, former Athletic Jonny Gomes, less than $1 million, and a gold-plated protective case for Billy Beane’s giant balls.
Jonah Keri, on yesterday’s trade. Great lede.


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The branches on the tree outside my building remind me of the aliens’ tails in Aliens.

My normally messy roommate-for-six-weeks cleaned up before going out of town the other day. The only items remaining on the coffee table: a blue Sharpie, an oversized novelty lighter, and one of the stranger coffee table books I’ve ever seen. I guess this is what passed as voyeuristic/sociological ephemera (and other fancy words) before the internet came along.



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Castro Street. San Francisco, Calif. June 2014.

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Incredible freak hail storm in Novosibirsk, Russia. It gets worse every second.

Amazing. (I’ve always considered hail the flat-out weirdest weather condition. How/why does it freeze when it’s warm out??)

Side note: This clip basically encapsulates — in 3 minutes — almost everything that is awful about Russia.

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