We are at the crucial moment in the commission of a crime. Our hand is on the knife, the knife is at the victim’s throat. We are trained to kill. We are trained to turn the earth to account, to use it, market it, make money off it. To take it for granted. Logically, we will never be able to reverse this part of our culture in enough time to stop that knife in our hand. But that is the task at hand — to cease this act of violence.
Journalist Charles Bowden, who died Saturday, on environmental conservation

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Great City, Mediocre Namesakes

I lived on Fillmore Street this summer. Pierce St. was — is — two blocks to the west. Hayes (Street & Valley) is two blocks north; Buchanan, two blocks east. If you like history, you can’t help noticing what those names have in common (and if you’re a Simpsons fan from the good old days, you can’t help associating that commonality with this (@ 3:45 here to listen). The names, of course, belong to the mediocre, adequate, forgettable, occasionally regrettable caretaker-presidents of the U.S.A.

If you consider when San Francisco was born and raised, and then which presidents held office during that period, it’s easy to see how SF got stuck with Polk, Taylor, and Fillmore on its street signs instead of Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt.*  Still, it’s kinda funny — funny-sad, not funny-ha-ha — that there were eight(!) presidents between Jackson, who left office in 1837, and Lincoln, who was inaugurated in 1861, and none of them are much remembered today. All San Francisco’s missing are streets named after Tyler, Van Buren, and Chester A. Arthur. And maybe, a century from now, another named after a Bush. Either one.

* It’s worth mentioning that apparently neither Harrison nor Buchanan Street was named after Benjamin/William Henry or James, respectively. And of course Bush Street was Bush Street long before George I or George II ever came along.

More neighborhood street/store-front/alleyway art/graffiti

Migration (2012), by Eric Powell. Daly City BART Station

Daly City, Calif. June 2014

I would give up a lot of $1 bills to watch a stripper try to work it to “Dust in the Wind.”

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One of my favorite things about San Francisco is the plethora of store- and restaurant-front art. Sometimes it seems like the canvas isn’t even a business; wander through less gentrified neighborhoods like the Mission or the Haight and you’ll see elaborate art (possibly graffiti) on alleyway walls or apartment-building facades..

Farley partied for four straight days, smoked crack and snorted heroin with a call girl, then took her back to his apartment. When they argued about money, she got up to leave. He tried to follow but collapsed on the living room floor, struggling to breathe. His final words were “Don’t leave me.” She took pictures of him, stole his watch, wrote a note saying she’d had a lot of fun, and left. He died alone.
Tom Farley & Tanner Colby, on Chris Farley’s death, from this, via this via this via the www rabbit hole I went down last week after Robin Williams 

tasty clare

  • tastyclare: Hello michael.a.wolman, I'd like to add you as a contact.
  • Me: do I know you?‏
  • tc: hey thanks for adding me, not sure where i got your info lol...24/f, you?‏
  • Me: i'm not sure either
  • tc: well I'm home for the summer from college, trying to get myself into some trouble ;) lol are you into college girls or cougars?‏
  • Me: I have syphilis‏
  • ‎tc: of course lol?I'm recently single and i really like chill drama free guys who i can show my little body off to lol, promise you won't record me if i show you?‏
  • Me: i promise nothing. except syphilis‏
  • tc: lol ok one minute while i put on something cute, ok?‏
  • Me: NOT ok‏. i don't like cute‏. i prefer gonorrheaic‏ (is that a word? "syphilitic" is a word. "gonorrheaic" should be a word.)‏
  • tc: k :) go here do u see my cam? it might just be my pic cause ur not a member yet‏
  • Me: tell me. how do i become a member?‏
  • tc: ok ya just accpt the invite and it'll connect us :)‏
  • Me: but i can see naked women for free if i want to‏. at my local bath house‏
  • tc: ofcourse babe, just need to verify age but yes its free‏
  • Me: i'm 9‏. is that ok?‏
  • tc: k, yea i had to do the cc part too =( that how i got my profile verified as real (kiss) did u get in?‏
  • Me: my mom says i should not be looking at vaginas‏. or taints‏
  • tc: please waiting :)‏
  • Me: i'm dubious
  • tc: k let me know when your signed in so i can send u some private time loving! (kiss) mmm‏
  • Me: you have subpar punctuation and spelling‏
  • tc: k‏
  • Me: no, seriously. it's really subpar‏. maybe even a D or D-
  • tc: k!
388 Market Street, SF’s modern answer to NYC’s Flatiron Building

388 Market Street, SF’s modern answer to NYC’s Flatiron Building

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